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Holy Eucharist, Rite II

10:00 AM

Our Minister

Rev. Michael Gray

I have been “retired” from active ministry since 2012 from St. Stephen’s Church in Culpeper – though I have served previously at Emmanuel and at St. Luke’s in Remington, VA.  I graduated from Nashotah House in 1976 and served several congregations in Florida before moving to Virginia in 2002

I am married to my wife, Lynn, and we like to spend time with our 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, who are spread throughout the eastern part of the country.  Currently a granddaughter and great-grandson are living with us, which gives us cause for joy.

I look forward to being with you in the months ahead and pray all will be well.


Shown with great grandson DJ  (Right)

and preaching on February 26, (Below)

Fr. Michael challenged us to complete the following:

What Emmanuel means to me …

The result:

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
His name is called Emmanuel.
God with us, revealed in us,
His name is called Emmanuel.

Emmanuel, you are my guide,
You lead us on in holy love,
Emmanuel, welcome us,
With open arms, from above.

Emmanuel, blessed church,
sanctified, consoling home.
Emmanuel, sharing joy
A refuge when I’m all alone.

Cookie Sunday, Eucharist,
Holy table, open door
People here, bound in love
With all who have gone before.

Emmanuel, here and now
From our birth, and all through life
Jesus knows, he’s been there
In all our joys, in all our strife.


Emmanuel, In all things,
for all time, and everywhere
bless our souls, our senses, too,
to sense your grace, be more aware.

We Welcome Our

New Organist


  Emmanuel Episcopal Church would like to introduce our new organist, Toki Kawakami Wagner. Toki grew up in Japan in a musical family. As a mostly self-taught Pianist, she has been playing in various church settings since age 12. As a young girl, Toki was asked “What can you do for God?” The answer that arose in her heart was “play the piano in church.”

  That simple response became a self-fulfilling prophecy. God has blessed her progress and confidence and now she is ready for the new challenge of adapting to the organ! Prior to college, she arranged the music and performed with a small bell choir.

  In college she took music classes and traveled extensively as a choir member and occasional soloist and accompanist. She graduated from Hartland College with a bachelor’s degree in theology and a minor in agriculture.

  Toki and her husband Kevin enjoy vegetable gardening with their young daughter.