During our meeting in May with Rev. Shirley Smith Graham, the transition minister for the Diocese of Virginia, she said that while Emmanuel may be small in numbers we are VERY BIG in spirit. We are filled with the spirit of giving. We prepare and serve delicious meals and provide loving
 fellowship at community lunches, we give food to the local food bank, we give clothes to the local clothes closet, we provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for families to enjoy in their homes, we give Christmas gifts to families that need our help. This year we are helping 4 families have a Merrier Christmas. –Sherri Harding

Christianity is our way of life. We look to the example of Jesus for guidance and inspiration about this “way”.

Book Group

“Emmanuel has an unusual weekly book group which has been going for 10+ years.  We choose a book and read it aloud in the group – stopping to comment on something that may resonate.  At an hour a week, it sometimes takes a bit to finish but we do.  The book themes are varied and suggestions come from the group.  It is open to both men and women.  It is vibrant, sharing, and always interesting!”  -Ann Sanderson

Men’s Breakfast

“One of Emmanuel’s longstanding traditions is our monthly Men’s Breakfast Group.  Once a month, interested men from the congregation and their guests meet for a light breakfast followed by a group discussion.  Group members take turns bringing topics for the Group’s consideration which may cover a wide range of issues.  Topics are not always spiritual in nature but we frequently consider how secular matters influence our spiritual lives.  The discussions are often lively and all members inputs are welcome and respected.  It’s really all about the fellowship.”  – Art Sanderson