Christianity is our way of life. We look to the example of Jesus for guidance and inspiration about this “way”.

Book Group

“Emmanuel has an unusual weekly book group which has been going for 10+ years.  We choose a book and read it aloud in the group – stopping to comment on something that may resonate.  At an hour a week, it sometimes takes a bit to finish but we do.  The book themes are varied and suggestions come from the group.  It is open to both men and women.  It is vibrant, sharing, and always interesting!”  -Ann Sanderson

Men’s Breakfast

“One of Emmanuel’s longstanding traditions is our monthly Men’s Breakfast Group.  Once a month, interested men from the congregation and their guests meet for a light breakfast followed by a group discussion.  Group members take turns bringing topics for the Group’s consideration which may cover a wide range of issues.  Topics are not always spiritual in nature but we frequently consider how secular matters influence our spiritual lives.  The discussions are often lively and all members inputs are welcome and respected.  It’s really all about the fellowship.”  – Art Sanderson

Local Outreach

Emmanuel invests leadership, volunteer time and financial resources in a number of organizations in the Rapidan, Orange, Culpeper, Madison and Louisa areas, providing a broad array of services.  A principal commitment is to donate to a number of free medical and dental clinics.  Also, members volunteer at least once a month (some even weekly!) to provide food, cook and serve meals to a community lunch for those in need.  We also collect food for and provide assistance to a local food bank, and help directly to Head Start families.

As the holidays approach, we are preparing to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for the needy in Culpeper and  Orange on the last Thursday in November as well as the makings for Thanksgiving dinners to four local families.  Our Christmas giving includes adoption of several local families and providing gifts and holiday dinners.  

The Orange County Department Social Services is also seeking donations for the needy and elderly/disabled residents of the county.  Contact Tabitha Rhoades at (540) 672-6166 for more information.

International Outreach

Emmanuel’s commitment to helping others has included global assistance. When the conflict in Ukraine resulted in vast numbers of refugees starving and homeless, our church donated funds to World Central Kitchen to help directly in providing meals and temporary shelter.

The United States has long been the leader in refugee resettlement.  The Episcopal Church has done its part through the years in assisting in that effort.  Emmanuel helps this larger church effort by supporting the Episcopal Relief and Development, which provides a wide spectrum of services, and volunteer programs. We also support Episcopal Migration Ministries, which is building a foundation for refugees forced from home and country to thrive across the United States of America.


Fellowship at Emmanuel includes weekly study groups, both in person and on Zoom.  We have met weekly to discuss a number of books on a variety of topics.  Men have a monthly “breakfast”, which continued even during Covid (though without food).  Now we have resumed with food and great conversation! Once a month (the third Sunday)after worship service Emmanuel has “Cookie Sunday”. We bring favorite treats to share and where we enjoy fun and fellowship. 

The important thing to know is that all are welcome — you do not have to be a member to be a part of this ongoing fellowship.